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School Advisory Council (SAC)

Executive Board Members


The School Advisory Council (SAC) is comprised of parents who provide the pastor and principal with insight on school policy and evolving issues. The council can have up to 5 voting members and is representative of the school population and parent community. The council is neither a governing body nor a grievance board. The council has no decision-making power but works to serve as a sounding board for the administration and as a resource to the school community to present comments, issues, and suggestions for consideration. The goal of the SAC is to also create the short and long term vision for the school. This team works to evaluate the needs of the school community and create, in conjunction with the pastor and principal, the Strategic Plan. To implement the Strategic Plan, a number of subcommittees, including the Home and School Association, work to create an atmosphere of positive growth and enrichment of the school each year. At the beginning of the each school year, the SAC evaluates as well as presents to the school community the progress of the Strategic Plan. Nominations to serve on the SAC are accepted each spring for openings on the council. Teachers are assigned to represent the staff on a monthly basis. Parents are also invited to observe the monthly school advisory council meetings. The president must be contacted 10 days prior to each meeting to have an item placed on the agenda.

Meeting Notes