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Mission Statement


To live our faith as Catholic leaders through superior spiritual and academic learning


Corpus Christi Catholic School will be the largest, best-run, most well-respected Catholic School in Colorado Springs with over 400 students enrolled. By 2025, Corpus Christi Catholic School will be brimming with activity, excitement, and energy. All of the city parishes will be involved and engaged in the development of the school. We will become renowned for the ardent faith of our students, teachers, and leadership. Our programs and our collaborations in teaching will provide the most comprehensive education found in Colorado Springs. Area parents will think of Corpus Christi Catholic School first when they think of a quality, faith-centered education for their children. Hope for the future of our Church will be infectious because of the faith of our students.

The CORE IDEOLOGY of Corpus Christi Catholic School is LIVE, LOVE and LEARN FAITHFULLY


Graduates of Corpus Christi Catholic School are vital members of the Body of Christ as they enter high school. They will continue to live, love, and learn faithfully. They will be capable of excelling in a rigorous high school curriculum using skills of critical thinking and judgment. Their personal relationship with Jesus and their Catholic identity will be age-appropriate and influence their every decision. A graduate of Corpus Christi Catholic School will be kind, compassionate, and generous after the heart of Jesus Christ responding to the needs of the poor and the most vulnerable in society building up the Kingdom of God and Corpus Christ, the Body of Christ, the Church.