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From Our Principal

Welcome to Corpus Christi Catholic School!

In 1921, Corpus Christi opened its doors as the first Catholic school in Colorado Springs. Over 100 years later, this school continues to promote a faith-filled environment for all students.

Catholic education is an investment in our children’s faith, and Catholic identity is a constant focus for our school. We promote our Catholic faith through prayer and studies the moment a student begins their journey here at Corpus Christi. Our spiritual journey is a daily work in progress, and we are committed to our students’ spiritual and academic development.

One of our greatest accomplishments is adopting a classical teaching model. Our school reflects on Church teachings and historical approaches to guide today’s education. This classical approach aims to educate the whole person, mind, body, and soul. Students at Corpus Christi are drawn into a deeper relationship with Christ the moment they begin up until their eighth-grade graduation.

Every staff member is blessed to be a part of the flourishing Corpus Christi environment.

In Christ,

Mr. Bill Carroll