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Classical Education

According to the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education (ICLE), Catholic means “universal,” and Catholic liberal education is an education for everyone. Students of all abilities and backgrounds flourish as they develop tools of thinking and discover wondrous connections across the curriculum and within the world God made. It is as powerful in the 21st century as it was in the 16th, because it is based in the nature of reality and the nature of the human person. 

“These students are forming habits of mind and heart that will serve them through life, helping them grow in the theological, intellectual, and moral virtues. Parents want their children to thrive. They grasp the value of this deeply human formation that nurtures the souls, not just the minds, of their children.”

As a Premier Member of ICLE, Corpus Christi Catholic School  is rooted in the Catholic tradition which permeates every aspect of our school day.  Formally adopted in Fall 2021, CCCS is in the first phase of two in her implementation of Classical with the plan to start phase two in 2023-24.  

Based on the St. Jerome Educational Plan, CCCS has constructed the following Scope and Sequence:

CCCS Scope & Sequence

ICLE Parent Flyer