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Classical Education

Corpus Christi Catholic Academy combines the principles of classical education with a Catholic intellectual tradition, worldview, and values. Our curriculum provides students with a holistic education that nurtures their intellectual, moral, and spiritual development.

Students engage in the study of classical languages, literature, history, philosophy, mathematics, and the sciences. They learn to think critically, analyze complex texts, and develop strong communication skills. Our Catholic faith permeates all aspects of the educational experience, allowing students to see the world through the lens of their faith. Prayer, sacraments, and participation in liturgical activities are integral parts of our students' day and education. 

We foster a close partnership with parents and recognize you as the primary educators of your children. The school and parents work together to cultivate an environment that supports the moral and spiritual formation of the students.

At CCCA, your students receive a well-rounded education that  develops their intellectual capabilities and strengthens their character, fosters virtues, and deepens their faith. The result is students who are intellectually curious, morally upright, and committed to living out their Catholic faith in the world.

CCCS Scope & Sequence 

Institute for Catholic Liberal Education (ICLE): Parent's Guide